Got Questions? We’ve listed some of the most commonly asked questions for your reference.

Our specialty is translating your words and vision into an event that exceeds expectations. I know that is not the standard answer you are used to hearing. Most companies will tell you about a specific dish but we love each of the savory and pastry creations we put in front of our clients. We put the same amount of love into each and every scrumptious bite!
We absolutely can accommodate drop-offs but if you went through the trouble of selecting us to do the job, doesn’t it make sense to let us do it to the very best of our ability? Yes, it costs a little bit more but trust us, the presentation and effect is worth every penny. As the event planner, you are there to entertain and manage the content of your event. We are there to support you in that role and take the any additional stress of food service and clean-up off your plate. We promise to take care of you, so that you are able to enjoy more of your event, it’s guests, and our food!
We focus on the holistic experience for you and your guests. Anyone can give you a menu or display food. We are unique in that we identify the way you want people to feel at your event. We then translate that through food, how it’s presented, and the environments we create all utilizing subtleties and details. To us, it is the little things that matter. When we ask you an off-beat question during the planning process, trust us! We are extracting the tiniest hints that will be translated through presentation. This is why every guest leaves your event wowed by their experience!
We take pride in creating events that make your guests stop, look and engage. Guests are wowed with beautiful food presentation, bright colors and stunning environments. They’ll experience inspiring flavor profiles while falling in love with the clean, fresh and light nature of the food. We believe in making our foods accessible and telling you what you are enjoying. Their shouldn’t be mystery in the naming of the food. The only mystery with Emjaye Inspired is how long it took you to finally experience an event with us!

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