March is the first month of the year that avocados are in season. To honor our beloved avocado again this year, we are going to talk guacamole. Honestly, who doesn’t love guacamole?! Making a great one takes time, fresh ingredients and love. Usually, making guacamole before your event isn’t an option, let alone saving leftovers because it browns. By the way, this is due to oxidation. Here’s the answer to unlocking guacamole preservation without drowning your product in lime-juice (which constantly changes the recipe)! Take your fresh guacamole and place in an airtight storage container. Completely smooth the surface all the way to the sides of your container. Top the guacamole gently with room temperature water. Sounds strange but trust us! The key here is that the density of the guacamole is higher than the water so it will not seep into your product, but will prevent the oxidation. When it is time to use again, just pour off the water and give your guac a good stir before serving. Enjoy!