This month we are going to talk about fruit pies, since apples and pears came in season last month. The key to a great  fruit pie is plenty of juice to give the filling flavor. The challenge of that is keeping your bottom pie crust from getting soggy. Baking dish selection is the key to your success. Using a glass or dull metal pie plate will conduct heat and cook your pie evenly. However, we all know there are times when you need to use a disposable pie tin. In those cases, try these couple tips to ensure a nice, evenly baked pie crust top and bottom. When preheating your oven, put a cookie sheet on the rack to get it up to temperature before baking the pie. During the pie assembly, use an egg white wash to brush the bottom crust completely before adding the fruit filling. The egg white will help provide a barrier agent to allow your crust to crisp up and withstand the fruit moisture while cooking. Place the assembled pie directly onto the hot cookie sheet in the oven. This will help expedite the cooking of the bottom crust before the moisture can create a soggy mess. Happy baking!!